There are countless myths out there concerning Paganism and Witches. Unfortunately I can't address them all. I am going to address the major ones though. Of course, if you have questions, or think I missed something - Just let me know!

Myth 1: Witches practice ritual orgies.
Fact: This is FALSE to the tenth degree. While there are those who join Pagan covens hoping for sex, they are quickly disappointed by the lack there of! There is a ritual known as the "Great Right" which is meant to represent the joining of the God & Goddess, however this is preformed symbolically - usually with a cup and athame.

Myth 2: Pagans worship the Devil
Fact: There is no Devil in Pagan religions. The Devil is an Abrahamic invention. And so, with no belief in him, there can be no worship of him.

Myth 3: Witches & Pagans always dress in Goth.
Fact: Umm, no. Goth is simply a style of dress, it has nothing to do with religious beliefs. While SOME Pagans & Witches may choose to be Goth, most shop at Macy's, Kohl's and WalMart like the rest of us.

Myth 4: Paganism is a "New Age" movement.
Fact:  Paganism has a connection to something much older than any Abrahamic faith. Neolithic sites have turned up Goddess figures, proving that the original religions of the world were in fact Pagan, rather than God centered like today's popular faiths.

Myth 5: Witches & Pagans are lawless.
Fact:  While each Pagan path will have a "moral code" all it's own, each does. Witches generally follow the idea that energy returns - call it Karma, the Law of Attraction or whatever. And unless they are Athiestic, they also will have the "moral code" of whatever religious path they are on to follow as well.


Myth 6: Witches are always Wiccan
Fact:  Witches can and do follow ANY religious path. Most are Pagan, but there are witches in the Islamic, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu & Christian faiths as well.

Myth 7:  Witches use spells to harm or control others.
Fact:  Partly True. Some pagans & witches may practice "black" or harmful magick but the majority, as a rule, do NOT! Witch's usually believe in some form of Karma, Law of Attraction, Law of Return or if nothing else they understand that what goes around, comes around, both physically and spiritually.

Myth 8:  Paganism is Goddess Centered and only for Women.
Fact:  SOME forms of Paganism are Goddess Centered, but even those tend to believe in a God form as well. Men are welcomed in to any Pagan religion, although some working groups or covens prefer to be male or female only.

Myth 9:  Pagans belong to cults.
Fact:  While many Pagans do belong to groups devoted to study, magical workings or just fellowship, there are just as many, if not more, who are alone in their beliefs and practice. Generally Pagans believe that all spiritual paths are valid for those who walk them. Pagans do not preach, proselytize, recruit or attempt to convert anyone.

Myth 10:  The Burning Times
Fact:  This was NOT a mass persecution and repression of women and/or witches by the church. In fact, current studies are showing that secular, NOT church, courts did the vast majority of executions. You can find out some valuable statistics gleaned from recent historical records here. Some figures put the number killed as high as 9 million women killed; however, the current figures suggest more like 40,000 to 100,000, mostly Christians who pissed someone off. There are emerging theories that some were magickal practitioners turned in by fellow practitioners to get rid of the competition however in most cases this isn't true.

Myth 11: Witches aren't more public because they have something to hide.
Fact:  A growing number of witches are "out and proud" about their practice. Those who are not generally stay "in the broom closet" for fear of how their friends and family will react to their beliefs. It is NOT because their practices are questionable, seedy, or evil but because many of them have been raised to believe that those they love or their comunity may not react in a kind matter to their beliefs or practices.

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