MountainRoseHerbs was founded in 1987 on an uncompromising commitment to organic agriculture and steadfast focus on the pure aesthetics and freshness of botanical products. Each product is harvested fresh and specifically chosen for it's high quality. Since the early years of the company the product lines have grown from a few basic organic herbs to hundreds of options all at great prices and fast shipping!

If you're interested in making your own herbal remedies, candles, soaps or teas, MountainRoseHerbs has everything you'll need! Or, if you would prefer purchase pre-made items, you will find a wide array of spice mixes, cosmetics, pet products, Incenses, tinctures, capsules, teas and much much more!

All MountainRoseHerbs products are 100% Organic Certified, Fair Trade, and Kosher Certified.

Even if you think this type of thing is completely outside your spectrum, you NEED to check out their Monthly Specials! Each month, MountainRoseHerbs offers customers, new and old, up to 60% off their regular prices on select items. You'll be shocked to see how low their prices go on things you never thought they would carry.

This company is not only 100% Eco-Friendly, but 100% people-friendly! Employees are paid a minimum of 30% over minimum wage and executive caps have been set to ensure that the highest paid individuals never earn more than 3.5 times the lowest paid employees. This is done not only to ensure the livelihood of employees, but to allow the company to pass on "extra" income in the form of savings to you, the customer.

All paper products - including invoices, catalogs, and inter-company memos - are printed on 100% post consumer waste materials - which are chemical and tree free. To learn more about company ethics and principals I encourage you to view the "Principals" page of the website.

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Mountain Rose Herbs
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