So I explored what it means to be a Solitary Eclectic Pagan Witch, but there is so much more than that to my beliefs. So here I'm going to explore the most basic aspects of my beliefs and practice. But if you have questions you would like answered, please feel free to ask!

 Do I believe in God?

I am what is considered a "Hard-Polytheist" which means I believe in many Gods & Goddesses and that they are all separate entities from one another. However, I also fall in to the "Duel-Theistic" and "Animistic" categories as well. This is because I believe in both multiple generations of Gods and the Divinity of Nature.

I believe there is a Great God & Goddess (think Mother Nature & Father Time) who belong to a much older race of Gods that those generally represented here on earth. This "Great" God & Goddess rule over our universe and are the "parents" of the Gods which are and have been represented on Earth by the various religions.

I then recognize the "Lesser" Gods & Goddesses as the Gods who are "in charge of" the Earth. These are the Gods & Goddesses recognized, worshiped and used in all the many religions throughout today and history. I believe each Pantheon to be a separate "family" of Gods who care for those who belong to their designated culture. Today I believe they recognize anyone who calls their name as we are consistently interbreeding and there is little to no definition of bloodlines in many parts of the US.

In addition to the Gods themselves I believe in the divinity of all nature. As the Great Goddess creates her energy is put in to everything we have. And while this divine energy is not a God itself, it does mean that each creation is sacred in it's own way.


How do I view the Afterlife?

I view life as an "upward spiral" of cycles from the creation of our spirit to our ascension to the inner spirit realm. 

Once a spirit is created (I don't speculate on the why or how) it begins it's journey up the spiral. Each life has a purpose, a lesson to learn or a lesson to teach in order to mature. Physical life is simply the medium by which our spirits learn these lessons. We are born, live our life and eventually we all must die. Once our physical life ends we enter in to our Afterlife.

Just as our physical life has stages, so does our afterlife. In stage one we are still connected to the life we once held here on earth. Our loved ones continue to love and need us, and we continue to have a connection to them. Because of this I believe we serve as "Guardian Angels" for those who remain. Once this need for us passes we enter in to a stage of "waiting" during which we prepare for our next physical life and lesson...

And the cycle continues until our spirit is matured enough to ascend to a higher level of existence in the "Elysian Fields." The Elysian Fields would be similar to the Christian interpretation of Heaven.

 How Do I Practice My Beliefs? What about Holidays?

I follow the Wiccan Wheel of the Year. This dictates 8 "Holidays" throughout the year which celebrate the changes of nature throughout the year. These special days are marked by small rituals, offerings and celebrated in many of the same ways that most people think of Holiday Celebrations - Dinners, Gifts, Stories, Games... 

In addition, I practice daily meditation, affirmations and devotionals. Each morning I take a moment to make a note of dreams in my Book of Mirrors and draw cards to prepare for the day.  Prayer acts as  communication with the Gods. And things such as songs and chants and small things such as candle lighting constantly keep me connected to the world around me on a spiritual and a physical level.

However, that's not where my practice ends. I believe it's more important to live our faith every day than it is to celebrate special days. Because of this I do my best to live a life which incorporates my spirituality and reflects the divinity of nature. I practice "Green Living" as much as possible, practice a general tolerance towards other walks of life and honor the Gods by educating others on the path I walk. Sometimes living my faith means something as simple as not littering, other times it means meditation or spiritual reflection. I strive to make my beliefs present in all I do.

Do I believe in "other" beings? Angels? Demons? Fairies?

The easy answer, yes. While I don't believe in these beings in the Christian sense, I do have a belief in Angels and Demons... I've found references to both types of beings in texts and myths beyond Christianity, however, they aren't in the same roles as the Christians place them. For me, I believe in different levels of being, with us somewhere in the middle. The title of Angel includes a number of "Higher" beings, none of which where halos or play harps. Demons, are on the other side of the coin - they are a collections of lesser beings. Neither are pure evil or blessed, but like us, have their own lives, agendas, feelings and so on.

As for creatures such as Fairies, Gnomes, Brownies and so on... These are members of the Fay. While I have been lucky enough to never have experienced Angels, I have had some experience with Brownies and Fairies head on... If you can avoid either, I advice you do. They are just nuisances! But on the "levels of being" scale are equal to you and I.

All in all I tend to believe there is a basis in fact for most if not all mythical creatures. While some, such as Centaurs have obviously never existed in the physical sense, there are lots of creatures which were once listed as "mythical" like the Cracken (Giant Squid), which are now known to be real. So even the stuff I don't believe to have existed, I tend to leave an opening should some kind of proof arise.

How does natural living factor in to your beliefs?

Because I believe in the divinity of nature, I believe that it's our job to respect and care for the earth and nature. The earth is a gift for us from the Great Goddess, and it's up to us to make sure it stays healthy and beautiful. So while I'm far from perfect, I do my best to live chemical free, to reduce & reuse and to live in a way which honors the earth rather than destroys it.

I do have to admit though, my motivations for living a natural life are not purely selfless. I believe that nature has given us all the tools to be healthy and beautiful ourselves as well. So living a life free of chemicals and extra waste is as much for my own health and the health of my family as it is to honor our earth. I do not use disposable personal or infant products, chemical based cleaners, or cosmetics/skin care products and I'm in the process of learning to cook without all the processed foods as well. 

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