Cloth diapering is making a huge comeback! For those who are just starting out, expecting their first child or who have just recently discovered the world of cloth, Diaper Junction offers everything you will need to get started on a budget! The goal is to offer a "green diaper" one-stop-shop and so far, that's exactly what they've been doing!

If you're an old fan of cloth, you'll discover old and new favorites alike! Products range from a variety of cloth diapers - all sizes, colors, closures and styles - to diaper pails, baby carriers, potty training, teething supplies and everything in between! There is even a section for mom!

New To Cloth?

Many new parents are wary about cloth. And rather than spend the money on something they may decide they don't like and don't want to use, they simply choose to use disposables. Diaper Junction has invented a way to stop this by giving parents a way to test drive cloth completely commitment free!

With Diaper Junction Cloth Diaper Trial Program you are in control! Unlike other Cloth Trial companies which offer preset diaper packages, DJ offers several different Cloth Diaper Styles and Brands from which you can pick and choose which you prefer. Buy them, wash them, try them... If you decide you don't love them, simply return them within 30 days for a refund!

You can even learn how to cloth diaper on Diaper Junction's Cloth Diaper how to pages which feature information and tips on everything from basic terminology to trouble shooting and care.

Diapering on a Budget?

 So you've decided to cloth diaper, but you're short on funds? Many people choose to cloth diaper, but find it expensive to get started. Diaper Junction has an answer to this issue as well.

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